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Luxury Shower Heads

The best shower heads in Australia are from Faucet Strommen

There is nothing quite like a relaxing, hot shower. The key component to a perfect shower is the shower head. Responsible for administering the water pressure and distribution, shower heads are the most pivotal part of any functional shower. Faucet Strommen has revolutionised the shower head industry by developing our own showerheads here in Australia.

Buy the quality designer shower heads in Australia from Faucet Strommen’s showrooms and notice the difference it makes to your shower experience. Browse our entire range of products for a complete bathroom or kitchen renovation and choose quality tapware that will last and look great in your home.

Pegasi Slide Showers

Pegasi Showers

Chisel Designer Shower Heads

Chisel Showers

Cascade Luxury Shower Heads

Cascade Showers

Zeos Showers

Zeos Showers

Doccinox Wall Shower

Doccinox Wall Showers

Doccinox Ceiling Shower- 130 x 174

Doccinox Ceiling Showers


Why does Australia love Faucet Strommen’s designer shower heads?

Faucet Strommen strives to make and supply Australia with the highest quality and luxury shower heads available. How do we achieve this?

  • We design all our shower heads right here for Australians and to suit Australian bathrooms
  • We build locally to ensure quality that we just can’t guarantee if we imported products
  • We put in all the luxury and designer features for you to enjoy
  • Our shower heads range is available across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane as well as major regional centres across Australia