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Faucet Strommen: Ranges

Chisel Outlets

The Chisel range is designed for flexibility. A range of outlets is available making it easy to mix & match the outlet you want with the matching Chisel tapware.  For example a bath spout (31730) can be used with a Chisel wall tap pr (eg 31705) to make a bath set.

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Adjustable flange

Chisel wall outlets feature and adjustable flange. This flange screws back against the wall and can be used to take up a small gap where required.

Teflon rings in swivel action

Chisel outlets that swivel use a clever Teflon wear ring inside the bore. This makes the action smooth and easy whilst reducing wearing.

Thick Smooth Chroming

The Solid brass components that make up Chisel are each perfectly hand polished before being plated. Our plating consists of a thick nickel layer under the chrome to ensure that the surface is tough and shiny and will not wear through.

WELS regulation compliant

Chisel Sink & Basin outlets comply with WELS (Water Efficiency Labeling & Standards) regulation. Star and flow rating information appears on the individual model specification page.