Help and guidance from our team

View some of our frequently asked questions for guidance. If you needing additional information or help please reach out to our knowledgeable team who will be willing to serve you.

My product isn't working as expected, how should I proceed?

Tapware, mixers and filters must be installed by a qualified plumber according to the installation instructions and should be thoroughly inspected after installation for malfunction or leaks. If the product appears faulty, the plumber should report the fault to Faucet Australia prior to leaving the site so that the necessary corrective action can be taken.

If any properly installed product develops a leak or malfunction within the guarantee period, please contact us for assistance on how to proceed. Note that proof of purchase and batch number will be required for any claims.

How should I care for my special finished tapware?

It is important for the longevity of your special finish that is properly cared for, which is why we have created a tapware cleaning guide to help you. This can be viewed on our Downloads page.

I'm unsure of what the finish looks like in real life, can I see it before I order?

Yes absolutely. We can send you free sample swatches of our colour finishes, which you can easily request using the form at the bottom of our Finishes page.

My plumber is wanting to rough in, but I haven't chosen my finish yet, what should I do?

Don’t stress. The designers at Faucet Strommen have got you covered with the innovative LogikitTM system! This ‘rough in’ system by Faucet Strommen allows for significant reduction in project timeline and simplicity of planning. LogikitTM is a rough in body system free of all decorative components whilst being completely operable for site testing. LogikitTM is available ex-stock from our factory for fast delivery and all decorative parts are fitted later meaning finishes do not have to be finalised before rough in plumbing, reducing stress and complexity. Just ask your dealer for the rough in kits first and we can get them sent out asap.

I'm based overseas, can I purchase your products?

Yes absolutely!  Please see our International Shipping page located in the footer for more information on how to order.