UltraBrass - Lead Free


Lead Free

For your peace of mind, at Faucet Strommen we produce all components in contact with drinking water from UltraBrass. We have pioneered the use of this special lead free1 copper alloy being unique for its health benefits.

Despite the Australian compliance standards allowing for small amounts of lead in brass (4-6%), we stepped ahead with UltraBrass to eliminate this harmful metal. A report by health experts states, Children younger than 6 years are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, which can severely affect mental and physical development2.

UltraBrass is also bismuth free. Whilst the exposure to small amounts of bismuth may not be harmful, bismuth poisoning can cause pain, fever and bone weakness.

Bacteria fighting


UltraBrass is a copper alloy and this is what gives it powers over bacteria. Copper has antimicrobial properties and provides a level of protection against bacteria that can form in plumbing systems known as OPPP [opportunistic premise plumbing pathogens]. OPPP’s present an emerging waterborne disease problem3 and affects homes and hospitals.

Bacteria, yeasts and viruses are rapidly killed on metallic copper surfaces3 when the cell walls are attacked by Cuprous Oxide (Cu2O). This makes copper alloys like UltraBrass specially effective in reducing the build up of pathogens in potable water and providing a level of protection for you and your family.

Comparing materials


When compared with Stainless Steel, Brass displays far superior antimicrobial properties. Studies via fluorescence microscopy show the results of bacterial colonisation on brass vs other materials after a 20 hour period. (See table alongside)

Whilst Stainless Steel is ideal for certain applications, tests to AS/NZS 4020 have shown up inconsistences and cases of alloy break down and nickel leaching. We have chosen to manufacture parts in contact with drinking water from the more costly and superior UltraBrass.

Leading the way


At Faucet Strommen we have built our manufacturing on this advanced alloy. Whilst it is more difficult to work with in terms of hardness and machinability, it is far ahead of traditional brasses for strength, wear resistance and safety.

We made the decision years ago to employ this special alloy and it has placed us well ahead of compliance standards both in Australia and globally. The strength and hardness of this material enables us to create smaller internal parts and build technology into tighter spaces making for clean and sleek product aesthetics.

Our Company & History

1 Lead free meaning less than 0.002 parts Pb.

2 Mayo clinic overview on effects of lead poisoning.

3 National Centre for Biological Information. NCBI