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Pegasi Showers

Pegasi showers are designed in conjunction with Pegasi mixers and comprise a sleek selection of slide rail showers and beautiful brass overhead showers. The pure style of Pegasi showers compliments under-the-skin technology putting Pegasi so apart. You will love the smooth action and firm feel of Pegasi showers. Put your mind at rest knowing you have chosen the very best in Australian built slide showers and enjoy precise uncluttered functionality.

Pegasi Showers

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Click-adjust angle mechanism

Brass construction

Pegasi overhead showers are made with brass casings for the superior quality and strength. This enables us to supply these showers in various electroplated and powder coated finishes.

Inflow rail system

Rub Clean Silicone Nozzles

Pegasi Overhead showers come with neat silicone nozzles that are easy to rub clean of lime scale build up. Instead of the water simply filling up the brass cavity, we have a special cartridge system inside that directs the water flow to the nozzles for an even rain spray. This also means that the water is not in contact with the brass case so it stays cleaner.

Flexible configuration

You will notice that there are a variety of head sizes for Pegasi overhead showers. Also different lengths and types of arms & ceiling droppers. This makes it easy to mix & match to get the exact combination you want. Ceiling droppers can be connected together to create longer lengths.

WELS regulation compliant

WELS regulation

Pegasi showers comply with the WELS (Water Efficiency Labeling & Standards) regulation. Star and flow rating information on the individual model specification page.