BIM Content Available - High Quality Revit Library
We are pleased to announce an extensive, high quality Revit library for our products is now available via Created to a consistent ‘industry best practices’ standard, our Revit families have been developed with the objective of finding a balance between visualisation output, functionality, ease of use, documentation quality, file size and performance in a Revit project environment.
Faucet Strommen has partnered with Australia’s leading BIM Content specialists IGS Group (IGS BIM Solutions) to develop an extensive Revit library which is free for designers to download from the Faucet Strommen website and via
The ‘project ready’ Faucet Strommen Revit library has been developed according to industry best practices, created with attention to detail in areas such as Family and Shared Parameters, 2D linework, Origin Points, Family/Type Naming, Product Data Integration, Reference Planes, application of Materials, Classification, and File Size. The library uses normal maps to represent fluting and knurling, includes 20 different finish options (types) in each family and incorporates PBR (‘Advanced’) materials which were introduced in Revit 2019 and provide a higher quality, more accurate visualisation output in Revit and associated rendering applications.

In addition to individual Revit families, the Faucet Strommen library includes a ‘Virtual Showroom’ (.RVT), loaded with all Families and Family Types. This Project File provides designers with an efficient way to download and browse the Revit library in its entirety, and to view how the families document, visualise and schedule consistently in a Revit project environment.

Further recognising and accommodating varying Revit user preferences, the library is available to download in multiple versions of Revit (2019-23). A library of 2D and 3D CAD files is also available for users of AutoCAD and other 3D design programs.

To ensure designers can access the library using workflows optimised for browsing and downloading BIM content, we are utilising IGS Group’s fast growing BIM Content hosting platform, In implementing the website integration feature of, we have ensured designers are able to experience the same optimised search, preview and download workflows on both the Faucet Strommen website and This includes the ability to preview the 3D Revit geometry in the web browser, view parameter data, download specific versions of Revit content, and choose the type of Revit content download – Individual Revit Families, Product Range and Revit Format based ‘Collections’, Revit Project File (AKA, ‘Virtual Showroom’) or even a one-click ‘Download All’ option – catering to various user preferences.