Toorak House is a masterpiece of luxurious design by Homeroom Studio, featuring a timeless fusion of intricate details and sleek design.

Nestled within an opulent neighborhood, Toorak House exudes timeless appeal with classic architecture, clean lines and symmetrical design, effortlessly blending with the surrounding landscape. The defining factor of the home is the championing of exquisite craftmanship throughout.

Detailed rectangular moldings are a testament to provincial homes of the past, yet the neutral colour scheme brings about a softer, more modern aesthetic.

Again, a more classic feature is integrated into the kitchen design. The French window, which brings in a certain traditional feel, is complemented by the subtle cabinetry moldings and Antique Brass Light tapware finish. The absence of cabinet handles works with the solid marble and modern Pegasi tapware to create an entirely clean aesthetic, and overall the look is simple yet thoughtfully layered, portraying both luxury and enduring design.

Products featured: 30737-84 Pegasi Pot Filler Wall, 30694-84 Pegasi M Sink Mixer Curve Pull Out, in Antique Brass Light

A solid marble vanity creates the centrepiece in the powder room, while the full sized mirror and the elegantly knurled tapware maintain the sleek appearance. Even the Progresiv functionality of the Zero collection is a testament to refinement and acceptance for only the most advanced level of innovation.

Product featured: 30957-84 Zero Progresiv Knurl Hob Basin Mixer Tall Curve, in Antique Brass Light