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Faucet Strommen


We're Australian Made

We're Australian Made

Thursday, 23 July 2020


21 Years in the Making

Faucet Strommen’s entire collections of Zero, Pegasi, Zeos, Cascade and Chisel are all made right here in Australia. After 21 years of grit, sweat and challenge we have reached a huge milestone in our manufacturing journey. We have developed our manufacturing capability and invested in machinery, innovation and our people giving us the right to display this honoured and respected green and gold logo!


It’s never been so important

In the midst of such change in world markets and recent disruptions to our way of life it has never been so important and so rewarding to read these words “Australian Made”. This means so much to us as a nation, as a people. We must stand up for the future of Australian manufacture and unite in supporting the great cause of industry, jobs, innovation. Together we are strong!