Zirnium DMF™ - Finishes at the Pinnacle


Nothing can challenge Zirnium DMF finishes for durability, texture and pure beauty. From the deep Brushed Carbon to the subtle Discovery Bronze our rich palette of unique finishes gives scope for expression across our entire collection.

Direct Molecular Fusion (DMF) is the ultimate architectural finish and unrivalled in the industry. This process carried out at Faucet Strommen’s factory in Australia employs specialised equipment and unique ingredients. Our inhouse engineers have developed the process over years in conjunction with chemists and experts from Europe.

This finish is so hard and tough, and created with such robust processes, that it is almost impossible to scratch, displaying attributes that cannot be compared with traditional finishes.

In the interests of the environment, we have exploited advances in sub layer application, dry process technology and closed loop recycling to ensure the most sustainable process.

Zirnium DMF, like all Faucet Strommen finishes, is backed by the Faucet Strommen 40 year finish warranty.

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