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Antique Brass by Faucet Strommen

Antique Brass by Faucet Strommen

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Faucet Strommen's Antique Brass finish comes in two shades; Medium and Light. These finishes are created by 'antiquing' the raw brass components using a special agent to develop the beautiful bronze tones.

Antique Brass compliments natural timber elements and textured stone.

The Antique Brass Light finish brings out the opulent lustre of brass and is becoming increasingly sought after in modern spaces. 


Antique Brass Light

Pictured: 30692-84 Pegasi M Sink Mixer Square 220, Antique Brass Light

Image credit: Dylan James Photo

Pegasi M in Antique Brass Light

Pictured: 30655-84 Pegasi M Wall Basin Mixer Set 200, Antique Brass Light

30622-84 Pegasi Slide Shower Inflow 600 Micro, Antique Brass Light

30665-84 Pegasi Overhead Shower 400 Wa 250head, Antique Brass Light

Image credit: Dylan James Photo

Antique Brass Light

Pictured: 30645-84 Pegasi M Backplate Basin Mixer, Antique Brass Light


Antique Brass Medium is a much deeper coffee brown compared to Antique Brass Light, and is a subtle alternative to black. This finish can be used to add contrast and depth to a space.

Antique Brass Medium

Pictured: 30735-83 Pegasi M Floor Bath Spout, Antique Brass Medium

Antique Brass Medium

Pictured: 30694-83 Pegasi M Sink Mixer Curve, Pull Out in Antique Brass Medium.

Inconsistency is the beauty of these finishes, and they are designed to age and patina over time to "keep giving back". None of these visual changes to the surface will affect the structural integrity of the Faucet Strommen products, which are backed by a comprehensive 15 year warranty for peace of mind.

Read more about Faucet Strommen's finishes here.

Nearly all of Faucet Strommen's products, including the following collections, are available in the Antique Brass finishes for a complete colour solution. 


Faucet Strommen is a family business situated in the country town of Kerang, Victoria, where we have been designing and building fine tapware since 1999. Our brand has gained a reputation built on impeccable quality, beautiful design and technical excellence.

Our team of skilled technicians hand build our tapware from thousands of the finest components.

Hand built

Our products are available through prestige showrooms located across Australia. Click here to view the list of showrooms, or browse Faucet's current catalogues online here to get inspiration.

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